In Recovery, Jeremy Renner's Nephew Sends Atouching Note

In Recovery, Jeremy Renner's Nephew Sends Atouching Note

Updated on March 16, 2023 11:20 AM by Andrew Koschiev

In the wake of a snow plow accident near his Lake Tahoe, Nevada home on New Year's Day, Jeremy Renner posted a handwritten note from his nephew, Auggie, on Instagram Wednesday. Marvel's 52-year-old star shared a handwritten note on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, in which Auggie expressed his gratitude for surviving another dangerous incident. 

 "My uncle Hawk Eye (one of the Avengers) is an extremely fortunate uncle, as described in the letter. I am also very fortunate that he is alive after his accident."

A positive message for Jeremy Renner

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He captioned the picture: 'Love my little man. Bless you, Auggie.' Jeremy Renner, who has played Hawkeye in both movies and the Disney+ series, posted the image to social media. Jeremy Renner also shared 'My inside feelings' on Facebook atop stuffed animal sloths while visiting a Los Angeles office building last week. Since surviving the tragic accident on January 1, Renner has chronicled his recovery on social media. His recovery could take years, according to Renner. Last month, Jeremy Renner said he would do whatever it took to recover, while he sat on a chair and pedaled away on a Technogym bike while using his hand to assist him. His left leg was the one he focused on as he focused on the pedaling motion. A cancer survivor, philosopher, poet, and cancer survivor Mark Nepo's 'spiritual daybook,' The Book of Awakening, provided Renner with a spiritual sense of purpose during his recovery.

How Did The Accident Happen

When Jeremy Renner's nephew's car got stuck in the snow, he used his snow-removal tractor to help him get it out of his driveway near Reno, Nevada. When the actor got out of the cab after the car was towed, his snow plow began sliding down the street. When Renner exited the car, he realized his nephew could be hit. To divert the snow plow's path, the Mayor of Kingstown star got caught under its left side track and ran over while trying to get back in it. 

Despite breathing difficulties, Renner was rushed to the hospital after getting crushed underneath the vehicle. There were a lot of mechanical problems with the snow plow when it crashed, according to a Washoe County Sheriff's Office report. His Instagram account is filled with gratitude for his medical team, to whom he underwent several procedures while recovering in the hospital.

Jeremy Renner's Recovery Time

Last month, Jeremy Renner shared a photo of himself undergoing physical therapy at home. Also, in the caption of his post, he wrote: 'Thank you for your messages and thoughtfulness towards my family and me. I love you all and appreciate you." As the love and bond between family and friends deepen, these more than 30 broken bones will mend and grow stronger. Love and blessings to you all.' In a recent interview with Access, Evangeline Lilly revealed that Renner feels well after the accident in The Hurt Locker. 

Laughing with his friends, he wheeled himself around. It is a miracle,' she said while sitting at his bedside where she expected him to moan and grumble in pain and be unable to move. In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumia, the actor said he is doing great. I'm so grateful for his recovery,' because he's made of something really tough. Even though Renner had not fully recovered yet, Lilly observed that he had a positive outlook about the future: "It's a long road ahead. That's what nightmares are all about, and now he knows how it feels."

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