Idina Menzel Explains Co-parenting And Failed IVF Treatment

Idina Menzel Explains Co-parenting And Failed IVF Treatment

Updated on December 28, 2022 10:56 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Idina Menzel opened up about co-parenting and her IVF treatment in one of her recent interviews.

In a podcast with Amanda Hirsch on Not Skinny But Not Fat on Dear Media Podcast, the renowned Broadway actress spoke about her life journey.

Idina Menzel tried getting pregnant

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Menzel talked about conceiving another baby through IVF with her now husband, Aaron Lohr, whom she wed in 2017. Menzel and her former-husband Taye Diggs together share their 13-year-old son Walker. The singer and actress were still determining if she wanted to pursue second-time marriage and motherhood. 

In the Podcast, she mentioned she had an incredible bonding with her son, who then asked for a sibling. Possessing maternal love, they tried to have the next baby, but it was too late for her. Doctors clinical talks got her annoyed, but she was still clinging to the hope that a fewer percentage of women got pregnant being older. 

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Failed IVF attempts

Menzel revealed that while having IVF to attempt to conceive a second child, she suffered miscarriages many times, which caused her to rethink her plans. So then, she decided to stop IVF.

Idina is proud of strong co-parenting

Idina also discussed how she and Diggs had developed a solid co-parenting relationship, pointing out that Diggs and Lohr sit together and sometimes share a beer.

She is proud of her co-parenting process, as they don't talk badly about one another. Idina credited Taye for being so supportive of Aaron and Walker's relationship and that she calls it a successful relationship.

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Menzel Documentary on Disney+

Earlier this month, Menzel already discussed why she wanted to be transparent about her personal life in the Disney+ documentary with a publication as she wants to represent the feelings of the woman in her new documentary as she wants to make people aware of their struggles. With this, she wanted to give her fans a glimpse of her life experience. 

The Broadway star's documentary Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage? It is now streaming on Disney+.

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