Ciara is all happy with her 4th child sharing her baby bump

Ciara is all happy with her 4th child sharing her baby bump

Updated on August 16, 2023 09:52 AM by Andrew Koschiev

(Ciara is all happy with her 4th child sharing her baby bump \Image Credits:Movieguide)

Ciara and Russell have a very intimate yet lovey-dovey bond. They have been a very filmy couple and shared with the audience how they got to meet in real life. It all started when the two of them got to see each other at the basketball game where Russel asked her out and just when it was 2016, the very famous NFL star Russel Wilson was seen married to the love of her life, Ciara whom he was dating in the past.

The couple, their love life, and their offspring 

(The couple, their love life, and their offspring \Image

It was July 2016 when the couple seemed to marry each other and just when it was October, it seemed that Ciara was expecting her first child with Russel. The couple was happy to announce the birth of their first daughter a year later. It was 2020 when the couple took to social media and shared the news of the arrival of their second child. This time it was expected to be a boy and then they shared the happy news of their baby boy's birth. Back in 2021, the couple seemed happy to share their 5th anniversary and took it to Instagram for their fans. However, it wasn’t over yet when the fans got to know that the couple is about to expand their family after the birth of their 3rd child as well. It was during Ellen De Genre’s show when Russel got on his knees and asked his wife if she would accept the request to have more kids with him to which she smiled and said let’s wait till we get there. It said that she was not ready for another child but later on, she got convinced. Just by the passage of time, the fans of the couple got to know the arrival of their 4th child in a row when they took it to the media where a picture showed Ciara showing off her baby bump and we just couldn’t stop adoring the couple, their love and their sweet family. Wilson Russell indeed became a daddy for the first time but Ciara has already been a Mom to Zahir who was her first child with Future, who was a rapper in the industry. However, Sienna is Ciara and Wilson’s first child just when Ciara tied the knot with Wilson.


The couple seemed happy to announce their 4th pregnancy with their loved ones. They leave their fans in awe when both of them shower each other with love and harmony at the media and the fans just can’t ignore it. They posted the news on Instagram while Ciara dedicated a few love-filled sentences to Russel along with the news of their family expansion with a photo showing off her baby bump. The happy couple is already very happy to reveal the news. 

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