Baby No. 4 is on the way for the star of Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff

Baby No. 4 is on the way for the star of Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff

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Audrey Roloff shuts down rumors that she was pregnant during a family ski trip. Jeremy Roloff, 32, and Audrey Roloff, 31, have already welcomed Ember Jean, 5, Bode James, 3, and Radley Knight into their family. It's only "preparation" for Audrey, 31, to have a fourth child, she explains. In an Instagram Story post on Tuesday, Audrey wrote, "Woahhh, calm down, you guys." This isn't pregnant; I'm just taking a prenatal to prepare my body. Before getting pregnant, I didn't take it consistently, so I'm trying to get ahead of it this time!" In response to my midwife's recommendation, I will try Thorne!

Audrey's intake of vitamins


A fan asked Audrey for an explanation of the supplements she takes during an Instagram Story Q&A session. Inadvertently, Audrey started pregnancy rumors when she shared a photo of the vitamins she takes daily. She replied that she had just started taking Inspira Cell and a prenatal supplement, beef liver, electrolyte minerals, and vitamin C." It has been revealed that Audrey and Jeremy do not feel like their marriage is over. "We have not put a number on it," Audrey told one fan in a Q&A in October 2022.

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Audrey about dwarfism

Jeremy's parents, Matt, and Amy Roloff, along with his brother Zachary Roloff, have dwarfism as well. The question was asked Audrey if she knew how likely it was that their children might be dwarfs. According to Audrey, dwarfism can be of a variety of types. Some are dominant genes, while others are recessive genes. According to Audrey, Amy, and Zach have a dominant gene, while Matt has a recessive gene.

Social media appearance of the couple

According to Audrey, if she and Jeremy had a baby with their dwarfism, it would be a random genetic mutation since neither of us [carries] the dominant gene. The likelihood of our child having that type of dwarfism is the same as everyone else's. Their Hillsboro, Oregon, farm is now owned and operated by Audrey and Jeremy. 

Jeremy and Audrey have a dynamic social media presence as influencers and authors after leaving Little People, Big World in July 2018. An attempt was made to purchase Roloff Farms but was unsuccessful. Their podcast Behind the Scenes ended in 2021 and created A Love Letter Life and Creative Love.

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