At age 66, Madonna's older brother Anthony Ciccone passed away

At age 66, Madonna's older brother Anthony Ciccone passed away

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The pop icon's brother-in-law confirmed that Madonna's older brother Anthony Ciccone passed away at 66. He described Mr Ciccone as "a complex character" and said he passed away the previous night, according to Joe Henry, who is married to Melanie Ciccone, Madonna's sister. Mr Henry wrote that he had known Anthony Gerard Ciccone since they were 15, living together in Michigan, so many years ago. 

It's no secret that Anthony was a complex character; indeed, he and I argued at times, as brothers do. But I loved him dearly and understood him better than I was sometimes willing to admit. Trouble fades, and family remains - hands reaching across the table. As long as I believe in the God your blessed mom trusted, she is waiting to receive you. For now, no one can dissuade me from believing in this.

Stitches were reported to be required

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In an Instagram post, Madonna Louise Ciccone reportedly liked Mr Henry's tribute to his brother. As of Sunday evening, she had not commented on the death. Having struggled with alcoholism for years, Mr Ciccone had been a troubled character in his sister's life, losing jobs and living on the streets for many years. 

During one of his arrests, he reportedly required stitches after brawling with a police officer while drunk. The Michigan vineyard owned by Mr Ciccone's father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone, gave him a second chance in 2005 after he became homeless in Los Angeles during the late Nineties and early 2000s.

Family members of the Ciccones

Five years after being sacked again, Madonna grew up in a frozen Great Lakes state on the outskirts of Detroit. However, reports from sources close to the Ciccone family suggest they are horrified by the situation. They report that Madonna has paid him to attend a rehab clinic and is open to stopping drinking. 

As a final note, Christopher, Madonna's younger brother, confirmed in 2017 Mr Ciccone had returned home and was "recovering" after spending time at Dann's House. In this Michigan clinic, residents could drink as much as they liked while receiving shelter and other services.

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