A conversation between Jeff Dunham and comedy central's new special, 'Me The People', premiering on Black Friday

A conversation between Jeff Dunham and comedy central's new special, 'Me The People', premiering on Black Friday

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Black Friday Comedy Central special, Me the People is debuting this year as an early Christmas gift for Jeff Dunham fans. As he and his puppet pals make audiences laugh until they cry in their new special, Dunham and his puppet pals do what they always do best. Fans of Jeff Dunham will get a Christmas present early this year when he launches a brand-new Comedy Central special on "Black Friday," titled Me The People. This year, Dunham and his puppet pals return to making audiences laugh until they cry in a new special that premiered the day after Thanksgiving. We met Dunham and Walter, one of his fan-favourite characters, a few days before the big special debuted and discussed what the holidays are like for the Dunhams.

Special show on a special day

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Dunham joked about Me the People as "The Black Friday special. Gather around the TV after everyone's been filled up, and enjoy the warm glow." Walter joined in, saying, "People asked Jeff if his show is family-friendly. What is the answer to this question, don't you? It depends on your family." Dunham elaborated on what fans can expect from the special. She said, "Well, as everyone knows now, comedy has become incredibly popular. What can one talk about? What cannot one talk about? And not just comedy, but anyone can talk about it. You get recorded when you say something out of place, and that is the end."

Dunham stated, therefore, that she would approach politics the same way Will Rogers, Bob Hope, Carson, and Leno would - that way, you would never know what Will Rogers, Bob Hope, Carson, or Leno believed. It was just that whoever was in office and on the highest pedestal got hit with those eggs.

That is the way I approach it." In his opinion, the difference is that most comedians today, pick a side and they become nasty and mean about it, and they refer to both sides as idiots, and both sides do the same thing. The fact that you are alienating half of your potential followers is just a mistake. Likewise, mine does not pretend to be soft-served, but I am true to myself and make fun of both sides equally, without labeling anyone stupid. When Trump was president, this was a lot of fun. Now it is in the office with Biden."

The conversation times

Having commentated that Walter looked suspiciously like the leader of the three worlds, Dunham explained, "So we greyed his hair and gave him glasses." Walter responded, "I have my suit, and I play the part now." According to Dunham, many of his other friends say, "We have a lot of fun doing it. Lots are happening that you cannot ignore, but you can still enjoy the show, despite whatever side of the aisle you are on.

This is just Walter's part. The other guys are just as great; there are so many more." Dunham added, "You don't imitate them. You don't make an impression." Walter clarified, "No. I'm just me dressed up as Biden." Walter was delighted by our compliments regarding his President Biden "cosplay."

In addition, "the moving truck shows up, and it is like, 'Where did all these boxes come from?' Every year we say that we will purchase one little new decoration. But instead of getting a new decoration, we end up receiving catalogues, new orders, and new items, just like you know. The season premiere of Jeff Dunham's Me, The People will take place on Friday, November 25 at 8:00 pm ET/PT, and he noted he had missed one because it reads, "Halloween, FALL, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the house always looks different."

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