74-year-old Steven Tyler reported to be doing 'amazingly well' after rehab

74-year-old Steven Tyler reported to be doing 'amazingly well' after rehab

Updated on July 02, 2022 17:59 PM by Ava Sara

The Aerosmith frontman is reportedly out of rehab after having fallen back into substance abuse after a relapse. Tyler, 74, is out of rehab and doing well, according to reports!  In an interview with TMZ, Aerosmith legend Ronnie James said he checked himself out of rehab earlier this week after a successful stay. According to a source, Steven has been clean and sober for over 30 days, and he is doing "amazingly well." HollywoodLife reached out to Steven's representatives, but they did not respond immediately.

Uninitiated readers may not be aware that the "Love In An Elevator" singer has entered rehab following a 12-year sober period. Consequently, the band canceled their summer residency at Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas. According to an official statement posted on May 24 to Aerosmith and Steven Tyler's social media, Steven Tyler has been working on his sobriety for many years. His rehabilitation program has recently resumed after he relapsed after foot surgery to prepare for the stage and to manage pain during the process. Please accept our deepest apologies for canceling our Las Vegas Residency dates this June and July while he concentrates on his well-being.

In May, Steven's friend told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that "everyone's journey is different," when speaking about the situation. “Over the years, Steven Tyler has helped so many people through his platform and his continuous involvement in the recovery community”, R.J. Holguin, told HL. The fact remains that Steven is a human being at the end of the day. A strong support system is in place for him, but any support system can experience challenges. Journeys are unique to each individual. He made the right decision to seek help." Everyone is proud of him.

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